Bookmark Monday – Canada (July 3)

bookmark-mondayBookmark Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Aloi from guiltless reading. Take a picture of one of your favourite bookmarks, post it on your blog, and head over to guiltless reading to share a to your post.

Saturday was Canada Day, so I thought I’d share this free Canada 150 bookmark that I got from our local library. We had a fairly quiet weekend and that was fine.


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  1. I love that bookmark and good on your library for giving the, out! I ducked out of the fanfare of C150 celebrations as well. It was a lovely day here! Hope you had a restful day as well!


    • Our library seems to produce a lot of bookmarks. They did some Harry Potter ones a couple of weeks ago as well. We just watched some of the celebrations on TV, plus our daughter had to work later in the day, so we didn’t bother going anywhere. It was a restful and quiet day, which is pretty much how we like it anyway.


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