2018 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

2018-Monthly-MotifThis is my second year of participating in this challenge, hosted by Tanya at girlxoxo. Each month of the year is assigned a motif or theme. The task is to read one book per month that fits in with the assigned motifs. I think that this challenge will help me to perhaps read some stuff I may not have read otherwise. It’s a 12 book challenge, so it shouldn’t interfere with my other challenges.

Below are the 12 challenges for the year. I will post the book I read for each month at the end of each challenge:

JANUARY – Diversify Your Reading
Kick the reading year off right and shake things up. Read a book with a character (or written by an author) of a race, religion, or sexual orientation other than your own.

My book for this motif – The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas (January 31)

Read a book with a one word title.

My book for this motif – Wonder – R.J. Palacio (February 27)

MARCH – Travel the World
Read a book set in a different country than your own, written by an author from another country than your own, or a book in which the characters travel.

APRIL – Read Locally
Read a book set in your country, state, town, village (or has a main character from your home town, country, etc)

MAY- Book to Screen
Read a book that’s been made into a movie or a TV show.

JUNE- Crack the Case
Mysteries, True Crime, Who Dunnit’s.

JULY – Vacation Reads
Read a book you think is a perfect vacation read and tell us why.

AUGUST- Award Winners
Read a book that has won a literary award or a book written by an author who has been recognized in the bookish community.

SEPTEMBER- Don’t Turn Out The Light
Cozy mystery ghost stories, paranormal creeptastic, horror novels.

OCTOBER- New or Old
Choose a new release from 2018 or a book known as a classic.

Books where family dynamics play a big role in the story

DECEMBER- Wrapping It Up
Winter or holiday themed books or books with snow, ice, etc in the title or books set in winter OR read a book with a theme from any of the months in this challenge (could be a theme you didn’t do, or one you want to do again).

EDIT: I dropped out of this challenge in May.


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